HBCUs & Intellectual Elitism: Hawk Pride, You Better Catch It!!

2 Dope Sistahs

HBCUI distinctly remember several conversations I had my twelfth grade year in high school, regarding my choice to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a Historically Black College/University. My math teacher, Ms. K,  asked me why black people choose to segregate themselves by attending all black colleges, especially when predominately white colleges are giving all of the scholarship money to us anyway. God knows I wish, at 17, I had the vocabulary and experience with racist comments that I have now because maybe then I would have responded. But, I said nothing. It was that type of racist conversation that I was hoping to flee from by attending an all-black institution of higher learning.

I have continued to have some strange experiences over the years engaging people in conversations about attending and graduating from an HBCU. Some of those people happened to be friends who I trusted with my…

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